Own your Piece Of The SUN'S Power




We are partnered with solar installers that use tier 1 panels only, matched with Enphase and SolarEdge inverters to ensure a system that will last. All materials come with a 25-year warranty.

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ELIO Solar Consultants and our install partners are knowledgeable and experienced. We are with you every step of the way. From customizing your system to installation we have you covered.


  • 25-year material warranties
  • True 20-year workmanship warranty
  • Roof-leak guarantee
  • Electrical guarantee 
  • Structural guarantee

The Benefits of Solar Panels


With the constantly rising cost of energy, we need a sustainable solution. That’s where we come in. Solar systems make it possible to stop the rising cost of energy, OWN your power, and save thousands!


In most cases, solar makes it possible to eliminate your current electricity bill and replace it with a lower solar payment.


Protect yourself from future rate hikes from your utility company and lock in a predictable fixed rate with solar.


With low-interest financing options available, you can go solar today with no upfront cost and start saving immediately.

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Solar Is An Investment That Pays For Itself

If you’re looking for the best solar company, look no further than ELIO. We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity and partner with the leading solar installers in the state.

Our goal is to help homeowners and businesses save money on their energy bills by switching to solar power.

Solar installation is an investment that pays for itself, and we’re here to help make the switch as easy and seamless as possible.

You spend money every month to get energy anyway; invest that money in a system that produces energy you own.

Idaho residential solar panels - cost for a solar panel
This is the first question people ask when considering whether or not to go solar. The answer is a resounding yes! Solar panels are one of the best investments you can make, both for your wallet and for the environment. Here are a few reasons why solar panels are worth the investment:
They save you money
This is the most obvious benefit of solar panels, and it’s also the most important. Solar panels will help you save money on your energy bills month after month, year after year. In fact, over the lifetime of your solar power system, you’re likely to save tens of thousands of dollars.
They’re good for the environment
Solar panels produce clean, renewable energy that doesn’t pollute the air or water. In fact, over the lifetime of your solar energy system, it will prevent tons of harmful emissions from entering the atmosphere.
Solar panels are a wise investment
Solar panels are an excellent long-term investment, and they offer a great ROI. In fact, for many homeowners, the ROI for solar panels is 20% in the first year!
Solar energy is free
Once you’ve installed your solar panel system, the sun will do the rest! Solar energy is a renewable resource, which means it will never run out. You pay for solar panels rather than energy from a utility company - the difference is you own your solar panels.
You’ll save money on your electric bills
Solar panels will help you save money on your electric bills. In fact, you could immediately see a savings of 20% or more!
ELIO is the local solar installation company that can help you get all of these benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells, which convert sunlight into electricity.

When the sun shines on the cells, the sun’s lightwaves (photons) knock electrons from atoms, creating electric charges that move according to internal electric fields in the cells. This generates a flow of electricity which can be used to power your home or business.

The number of solar panels you’ll need to power your home or business depends on a few factors, including:

  • The amount of electricity you use
  • The average amount of sunlight your location receives
  • The efficiency of the solar panels you choose

A professional solar installer at ELIO can help you determine how many panels you’ll need to power your home or business.

Solar panels are built to last for decades. Tier 1 panels (like ours) can continue producing up to 40 years and more. With proper maintenance (which is minimal and can be done by your installation company), your solar panels will provide power for decades to come.

Yes. Residential solar panel installation boosts home value by an average of 4.1%. This means that if you ever decide to sell your home, you’ll be able to get more for it than if you didn’t have solar panels. Not only is solar an investment that pays for itself, but it can also make you more money in the long run!

The amount of electricity that solar panels produce depends on a few things, including the size of your system and the amount of sunlight it gets.

In Idaho, a 5-kilowatt solar system produces 25.6 kilowatts per day, which is roughly 768 kilowatts per month, according to energyreport.us.

The solar installation process is actually pretty simple. First, a consultation is scheduled to determine if your home is a good fit for solar. Then, the solar panels are installed and connected to the electrical grid. Finally, you start saving money on your electricity bill!

Solar installation companies like ELIO make sure everything is done safely and efficiently. You can rely on us to set up your solar panels in a way that not only works, but is aesthetically appealing as well.

The state of Idaho offers a tax credit worth 40% of the cost of your photovoltaic power project in the first year of your solar panel installation.